Corporatization of Hospitals

Vishwas Pathak2    15-Aug-2016
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Last week media discussed kidney transplant and racket involved therein. Such discussions come up, time and again, and set to rest in a while. It is but natural that everyone wants to live longer life. If one of the critical organs of the body fails, he is prepared to avail best of the treatments, no matter at what cost! Such susceptible situation leads to exploitation.
Desire to become reach at any cost and by all means forms such racket. Desire may be by individual or by institution. Medical science has been progressing. Doctors are seen as supermen! They are believed to be next to god!This is the most fertile situation for exploitation. Even spiritual world is no exception. Lot is heard of spiritual guru defrauding public. So why medical field be exception? There are still good number of ethical people in every field. They are the once ray of hopes for next generation.
Let’s limit our discussion to Organ Transplants in medical field. Such instances are on rise from the time corporatization of hospitals begun. Corporatization is not that bad word. In fact, in order to provide services in professional and efficient manner, corporate set up always helps. It is system driven and can handle volumes. It can attract best talents. However, to achieve this, you need detailed project plan.When it is in place, you need to work on investments. In India, it is very common that the promoters always try to grab more than what they can chew. If the cost of project comes to 100 crores, promoters need to infuse minimum 30 crore so that Bank can lend up to 70 crores.
Generally, promoters don’t have 30 crores.They try to cook up their accounts and/or go for partner for investment. Somehow project gets completed. Bank’s EMI starts, investor too demands returns on the investment. Reverse calculations are done. Pressure is built up to make minimum business every month, every week and every day. Hospitals look out for more patients, more billing, hidden billing, compulsory sale of medicines, consumables etc.
Transplant is one of such opportunity for malpractitioners. Much is talked about transplant of kidney, lungs, heart, lever etc. High success ratesare claimed. Patients are in need of treatment. Needy person is said to have no brains! He goes for transplant. Signs the documents he is asked to sign. Surgery takes place. Media gives coverage for successful transplant!
Do we follow what happens to that patient? How long he survives? What kind of life he had thereafter? Surgery is nothing but scientific way of butchering!Medical science achieved a lot through R & D for such complicated surgeries. However,it still lacks post-surgery treatment. Success rate is claimed on the basis of operation carried and patient surviving,may be for a day. Like in case of lungs transplant, Apollo Hospital of Chennai claims to have carried maximum surgeries. But the survival of patient ranges from 15 days to 6 months that too patient has to visit hospital every alternate day with so much of pains and sufferings. Situation is not different for other transplants. And the cost of transplant ranges from 40 lacs to 75 lacs.
Transplant presupposes adoption of foreign organ by the receiving body. What is reaction when a tiny thorn gets into body? Entire body opposes and becomes restless till the thorn is removed. How can then the foreign organ like lungs, kidney, lever etc. be welcomed? Surgery is carried out by bringing immunity almost at zero percent level and then gradually increasing it. This process may develop infection resulting into causality.
It is, therefore, the enforcement of law in stricter sense is must against such malpractices so that no one dares again. And for patients and their relatives, it is advisable to bear in mind a saying “worst of the natural organ inside the body is always better than best of the artificial/foreign organ.”
Vishwas Pathak