Dont cry foul Perform or Perish

Vishwas Pathak2    28-Sep-2020
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The crisis situation of COVID-19 has in a way broken down the glass ceiling that the politicians and administrators have between them in the form of the numerical defense presented in a most articulate manner. Be it any state COVID-19 has brought an opportunity for the voters to examine their leaders through the best of the spectrum and then perhaps then in their absolute conscious talk about their choice of leadership evaluating their performances.
A classic case to understand the concept of glass ceiling being shattered completely can be evident in the state of Maharashtra. People of Maharashtra are now witnessing the difference of having lead by the administrator with the traces of effective successful administration and a tumultuous leader who in the entire life and currently as well, has been confined to the self-proclaimed den along with the highest advocates of supercilious righteousness as partners in ineffective governance.
While the states like Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh etc. are turning this crisis like situation into opportunity in every aspect, the governing leadership of Maharashtra has kept itself busy in shying away from taking responsibilities and instead accusing the central government of not providing adequate assistance.
The Atma Nirbhar Package announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi has the basic intent of empowering the states in the current times of crisis with a special focus of making the states financially more stable.
A plethora of direct and indirect advantages have been given to the Maharashtra state government under this package, however, the MVA government is busy with its agenda of creating a dilemma amongst the citizens unlikely of other states who are availing the best of the benefits of this package and implementing it for the betterment of the people.
If only a few subheads of the Atma Nirbhar Bharat package were to be focused, the central government has already given 28, 104 crores of rupees in the form of direct assistance. Highlights of it if to be analyzed, a total of over Rs 4,592 crore was provided by the Central Government only for food grains.
Similarly Rs, 1726 crore has been provided under the Pradhan Mantri Kisan Sanman Yojana, while Rs 1958 crore has been given through Jandhan Yojana. In the same course of time, a total of 73.16 lakh people have been given cylinders under the Ujwala gas scheme, while a total of Rs 400 crore has been given for the Shramik special trains by the Government of India.
To add to the list of the central government aid, the Modi government has also disbursed Rs 1, 611 crore to the state disaster relief fund and Rs 448 cr for the health infrastructure.
The MVA government is accusing the central government of not providing financial aid, however, they have remained tight lipped to the fact that under the devolution of taxes, Modi government has given additional 4500 crore rupees than the regular amount of Rs 1,148 crore.
We can count twice the number of aids that have been announced by the central government for the state government than the number of allegations of not helping us is made by the MVA government.
The very essential quality of any leadership is to take the calculated risk with intent of helping its people. However, in this case, the areas of exhibiting decisiveness by the MVA government appear to be in the “TRANSFER “mode pertaining to their convenient calculations.
One of the most important decisions by the central government in regards to Maharashtra is that the loan taking limit has been increased to one lakh seventy thousand crores. In such situations, where the economy has arrived at a stumbling block, the MVA instead of reviving the economy, however, is back to its same old tradition of infusing a policy paralysis model in the state administration.
At a time when the state is in immense need of a transformational revival, the MVA government has chosen to continue petty politics. The condition of defunct MVA administration is such that the state government when asked cannot even produce the structured plan of expenditure and investment of its existing fiscal budget.
It is nothing but a major state of sorrow that the people of Maharashtra despite giving their choice of mandate are forced to witness the current situation, merely for self centered political benefits.
A sense of regret is evident in the sentiments of the people when they see the ruling government in the state completely invisible from the ground at a time when the party with the largest number of elected representatives in the state, yet in opposition is leading by an example from the very front in such crucial times.
Former chief minister and our leader Devendra Fadnavis along with the entire BJP is working from the very ground. Fadnavis with his administrative experience as the chief minister is not only helping the authorities combat the COVID-19 situation but is also assisting them in creating a future roadmap, a role which ideally should have been undertaken by the current Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray.
While Devendra Fadnavis has shown the true traits of leadership in the crisis situation, BJP Maharashtra has explicitly exhibited true sense of social service by the countless work they have undertaken in all parts of the state.
Situational crises often act as a prism for the voters who judge the political leaders based on their performance. Our current Prime Minister Narendra Modi when in the times of earthquake in Gujarat showed exemplary leadership and the prism of the voters proclaimed Modji as the performer. In Maharashtra, people have come to different conclusions post analyzing MVA working pattern in today’s time. In Maharashtra, the glass ceiling for the MVA government is broken by the Covid-19 and people have analyzed the leaders in power and their underperformance.
After all, every politician is a social worker who works for the betterment of the state, after which the leader is chosen by its citizens based only on one principle, “Perform or Perish”.